Business Startup FireHydrant Raises $8M Series A from Menlo Ventures

 FireHydrant has raised an $8M Series A round led by Menlo Ventures.

Technology outages burn bridges between businesses and consumers. We experience this everyday — whether from email and social media to banking and airline reservations, service downtime leads to lost revenue, drives away prospective and loyal customers, and provides an opportunity for competitors to steal market share with a better digital experience.

FireHydrant solves these pain points by providing a solution to help SREs manage complex systems. Their past lives as engineers handling incidents gives them a unique edge in supporting top SRE teams who manage sophisticated infrastructure environments.

FireHydrant has seen a wave of increased interest given the importance of service reliability and uptime during COVID-19 and currently count among their customer organizations LaunchDarkly, LogDNA, and Namely.

This Series A funding will help drive the team’s refined vision, hire additional talent, and upgrade its existing product to enable teams with complex systems to operate more efficiently. 

Congratulations to FireHydrant! By Tesfa Business News